Our Story

Hi There!
My name is Kanika Wilson, owner and creator of Try My Thai Cooking Sauces.
I've been cooking Thai food all my life. Since I was a very young girl in Thailand, I helped my mom in the kitchen cooking for our big family every day.

After I finished my education, I opened restaurants in Thailand for 10 years and then moved to Southern California and opened restaurants for another 4 years.

Now I’ve created my own vegan and authentic Thai Sauces using the basic principles of Thai Food Cooking. While in college, I used my knowledge in food preparation to make these sauce flavors quick and easy for everyone who wants to enjoy Authentic Thai Food in their own home.

All of my products are perfectly created with no MSG, no preservatives, and made from all natural ingredients.

To experience Try My Thai: Visit me at the Calabasas, Brentwood, or Sherman Oaks Farmers Market or purchase my products right here today.
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I really hope that you enjoy my Thai Cooking Sauce just as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them for you! Feel free to connect with me on Instagram and let's make Authentic Thai Food together!

Kanika Wilson
Click here to Check out all of our sauces